The “WOW” Factor.

message from husband to be on shoe
Message to the bride from the groom

How adorable is this unique way to send a note to your wife to be on your wedding day!

chair cover 2
Wedding Chair Cover

I recently searched the internet with a couple to find items that could add the WOW factor to their wedding without breaking the budget and found some great ideas. These days almost anything at an event can be dressed up that will literally leave your guests speechless.

One way of dressing up your venue is adding some swag to your ceremony reception chairs or even just to the chairs at the sweetheart table so they stand out from the rest. These two choices were the bride’s favorites. Once we had made the decision about the chairs we moved on to table settings.

We found some beautiful chair designs including some that were wayyy over the top for this couple such as the picture of the black chair cover and that is what makes this business so interesting and exciting for me.

Burlap Chair Cover
Burlap Chair Cover
Black Chair Cover
Black Chair Cover

Imagine if we all  liked the same designs! Every wedding is a new adventure to uncover the couples personalities and taste and then match that up with the right vendors and design items. The couple is having an outdoor wedding and loved the table setting with lanterns and fairy lights as shown in the picture on the right below.

When we discussed a wedding cake I mentioned that as the cake is hardly ever consumed by the guests but as the couple still wanted one we should do something unique that reflects either the theme or some part of their lives together.  As they were going to a beach location for their honeymoon we decided on a beach themed cake and added a cupcake tower to the dessert table for their guests with a big cupcake on top for them to take home after the wedding! What we also did with the cake was made the top part a real cake and the bottom two tiers fake so they could display it at home for as long as they wanted.

cute wedding cake beach theme
Beach Themed Wedding Cake
Cupcake Tower
Cupcake tower

What really helped us put everything together for this wedding was the use of a vision board that I helped the couple create. They got all their ideas on the board when we first started working together and once they decided on the venue we started the process of elimination and chose what would work well with the colors, feel and style of the venue. This process helped them tremendously as they could visualize how their preferred designs would work and what they needed to add for the WOW factor.

Last but not least adding lights to their outdoor wedding added a fairy tale feel that will really take the guests’ breath away. Candles always adds romance and keeps the budget intact!


wedding lanterns lantern wedding pieces wedding lights mini lanterns place card

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