Cruise Life!

I have been passionate about travel all my life. If I wasn’t travelling the world with my family, almost since birth, I travelled with friends, with groups or solo, and very grateful to have experienced so many beautiful and exciting destinations! From backpacking and glamping to exotic luxe resorts and everything in between, I tried and loved it all and the best part is, there are always new adventures waiting and new places to discover. Life really is about the adventures we take and the memories we create. Whether you are a couple starting life together, exploring a dreamy romantic destination for your wedding or honeymoon, solo travelers who love to explore by themselves, or however you like to travel, we love partnering with you to help plan those unforgettable adventures.

Sharing my personal experiences with my clients and showing you how you can travel to beautiful destinations on almost any budget is why I do this. We don’t book travel, we create experiences and adventures! My clients have shared how much they appreciated my personal recommendations and the pampering they enjoyed, which don’t come with booking a trip online, no matter how much research you do. Those time sensitive promotions, upgrades, perks and special treatments you get when you book travel with me, are not always available to the general public and nothing beats a personal recommendation from a knowledgeable source who went before you to see what is real and what is just hype.

For my clients who are hesitant to travel due to COVID; there are many options for safe travel and staying in beautiful & sanitized accommodations here in the U.S. Tap HERE for my post about domestic travel. I personally find much joy in taking a road trip, which is what saved my sanity during the COVID lockdown and I discovered some amazingly beautiful destinations. I just love the endless beauty of this Country! Each State is unique with it’s own gorgeous landscapes, culture and experiences. From stunningly beautiful beaches, to National Parks with beautiful cabins, lakes, mountains and historical sites… even dude ranches. Don’t forget my personal favorite… wineries and river cruises… lots to do right here.

So whether you are traveling alone, planning a destination wedding and/or honeymoon overseas, want to travel the US, go on that long awaited cruise or tour wineries and/or castles all over the world… your journey should start with us. We plan family cruises, jaw dropping adventures, group and corporate travel, and wellness retreats. Follow us on social media (and here) for more inspiration.

Another one of my passions is wine… I am always looking for new wines to try when I travel, and there are so many! One of my favorite ways to relax, is with a glass of excellent wine and a beautiful view, while watching the sunset.

My latest discovery and a regular on my table, is wine from a company in Texas called Scout & Cellar. Their wine is clean crafted which works for me as I have become so picky with what I put in my body! I have come to love their delicious, fine wine with no added sugar or preservatives, which means it does not interfere with my commitment to eat clean and healthy. Follow the link to learn more or send me a message below.