Wedding Industry Predictions for 2015

1. Bridal hair crowns will be big for 2015.  “They offer a good mix between traditional and modern while still leaving the bride with a variety of hair styling options.  This trend was seen on bridal runways but was very prominent with the designers Ivy and Aster for their 2015 Fall/Autumn bridal runway shows.”

 2.  Metallics including copper will be on the rise.  “2015 will see metallic shades in a lot of Wedding themes, not just gold, silver but copper, brass and a mix of metals. Although gold can have a very rustic element to it, using copper accents really supports and enhances the vintage aspect of the over all theme. Copper in elements such as invitation fonts, centerpieces, table settings and silverware adds the classic touch to the sentimental, vintage wedding theme trend.”

 3.  Vintage-inspired engagement rings.  “Many of our customers are looking for a 

unique piece that tells a story; one that they can then weave into their own story and pass on for generations. That’s why there has been a huge resurgence of interest in vintage-inspired engagement and wedding rings. There is something about that old-world feel of these designs that couples find extremely romantic and if there’s a certain past era you love, you can find a customized piece that reincarnates it to your liking.”

 4. Juliet cap veils.  “I am seeing more brides wanting Juliet cap veils. Some want plain and some want bling and they are even DIY’ing them.  They are easy to make and you can do so much with them.”

  5. Brides will trade in their veils for more glamorous details.  “They will up the ante with bows, headpieces, braids, and accessories. The best addition we love are the flowers, bows, and other pretty pieces that brides will be trading in for the veils.  All brides want to look like themselves when coming down the aisle. However the 2015 bride will be opting in for a focus on the pretty pout. Whether it’s a just bitten kiss, or a bold burgundy lip for the reception, the pout will be perfect.”

6. The demise of rustic weddings.  “I see the industry going back to elegance and formality.  I think that weddings will become the dignified and elegant events of the past.  After all, a wedding is one of the most important days of your life and should be treated with the reverence deserving of such an event.”

 7. 2015 will all be about romance.  “Despite a few unconventional ones, most of 2015 couples will want to go back to their childhood and their dreams and look forward to a fairy tale wedding. Any wedding details will suggest a magic setting where their dream turns to reality and remind guests of the romance the couple is sharing. White will dominate 2015 weddings, either accompanied by green or blush or champagne/gold.”

Romance for 2015

If you are a “bride to be” what are your preferences for 2015, do these predictions resonate for you?

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