5 Quick Wedding Tips….

Table Setting

Here are some quick but important tips if you are planning your wedding.

1. You should like all of your vendors but  you should LOVE your photographer and wedding planner as these two see you in some rather delicate circumstances (both physical and emotional) and you should feel completely comfortable.

2. If you start to get overwhelmed with the design of your wedding, stop reading the blogs. Yes, the eye candy is pretty, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing!

3. Be careful not to say or do anything you’ll regret after the wedding and the dust has settled. Some of these little details are truly, truly mole hills, not mountains. I promise.

4. Don’t hire anyone to do your hair and makeup that does not specialize in weddings. Hair & makeup artists are somehow (in general) the flakiest people on the planet and getting a text the morning of your wedding from your girl from Craigslist canceling on you because she got another (better paying) gig or she’s hung over is not a good way to start your wedding day.

5. Don’t ever, ever use the words: “It’s my day”. Ever. You may be getting married but this day is also about your family and friends – those who love you and who you want to spend many future anniversaries and other milestones with.

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