A little of this and a little of that…. event planning tips, recipes, how to’s and more….

Summer 2014
Summer Wedding at the Adamson House

A few years ago I decided it was time for a change… I wanted a new career, reinvent myself and all those cliches… – I wanted to do what I loved every day and help people have a great experience when they celebrate personal milestones and especially weddings.

This all began when I started making lunch weekly for my local community and I suddenly realized that I can actually cook really well and after a while people started to ask me to cook for there events and were willing to pay me quite well! Who knew! This evolved into a catering business and THAT evolved into Wedding and Event Planning! I have done event planning for many years but more the corporate and non-profit/fundraising kind than personal parties but I love it all. I put my creativity into action and love to brainstorm with my clients to find unusual ways to make their event unique and special.

Starting a new business meant I had to find a name for my company and I decided that my events had to be top-notch – I wasn’t going to be average! I remembered that my mom always called everything that was a quality service or product “24 Carats” and she was a classy lady and the consummate professional who did everything with utmost integrity and style – so this is also for her… Then I had to create a website, start marketing and find clients.

I have been encouraged by my clients and friends to start a blog to share my experiences and so this blog is a celebration of yet another step in my encore career!

This blog will consist of wedding/event & catering tips, tasty recipes, how to eat healthy tips – probably the biggest challenge a caterer has – and some nutritional tips as well. I will also share info from other bloggers that I find interesting. See you around the blogosphere!


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