Backyard weddings never looked this good!


In the last post I wrote that having a backyard wedding could be one way to save quite a bit of money but received a few comments that the idea of a having a wedding in someone’s backyard didn’t actually conjure up exciting images so I decided to do a blog post showing just how magical a backyard wedding can be.


VIEW: If you have been offered someone’s backyard for your wedding, the first thing you should do is look at what you have to work with. Do you have a view? If so and you are going to have the ceremony there as well, try to position the Chuppah/Arch in such a way that the guests can see you against the stunning backdrop! If you are only going to have the reception there, make sure to have the sweetheart table positioned in front of that beautiful view.



LIGHTING: If there are trees, walls or a fence, use them to hang lanterns or fairy lights from. Drape fairy lights from one tree to another, creating a beautiful ethereal look. Hang paper lanterns in your color of choice and put lights inside them. Add floating lily lights if you are near a pool or fountain or use floating candles or orbs. You can hang sheer drapes with fairy lights to hide a wall or use as a backdrop. Use LED lights in lanterns and line the path leading up to your wedding. Have candles on the tables – tall ones or short – or a mix of both! You can even add mirrors on the tables to reflect the light . You can buy small trees at a craft shop, set a few on the tables and hang tiny lanterns from those. All these lights will create such a romantic ambiance! There are craft shops that sell them and my favorite is Save-on-Crafts where you can get very cute items of all descriptions for a great price. There is of course Etsy also but they can sometimes be expensive. If you have a handy or creative friend you can make almost anything!



RUSTIC LOOK: Wood, lanterns and candles are your friends. Old wooden tables are beautiful when decorated with lace, candles and flowers! The more rustic the pieces the better and use flowers to soften the look. Be unique and use lanterns or beer bottles for flower decorations and add candles in the middle as shown in the picture above.

YOUR PERSONALITIES! The most important factor is that your and your fiance’s personalities shine through in whatever you choose to do and you can have so much fun shopping for items online that will make a statement of who you are individually and as a couple! Don’t forget to ask friends and family to help – make it fun for everyone and make sure you document it all!


ROMANCE ON A BUDGET: Drapes and flowers create such a romantic look and drapes can be used to hide a multitude of flaws. You can find beautiful flowers for a very low cost at the markets and use lots of greens and baby breath to create a soft romantic look. Beer and wine bottles are a favorite as well for candles. Moscatels downtown LA has many unique and cute items that can help you create the look you want.


THEME: If you stay with the rustic/casual theme you can add almost anything and it will only add to the eclectic charm of your event. In the pictures above I used a wheelbarrow with ice for the beer and guests helped themselves. We used an old broken down mirror for the program and old used ladders with wooden pieces in between for a dessert buffet, and you can see how we set up the bar with wooden barrels and silver ice buckets, the round wooden pieces for appetizer or dessert buffet also works nicely and again anything looks great with candles and flowers. The wine bottles with the numbers were used for messages from guests on the various anniversaries and the tree was used for pictures of people who had passed or you can use it for pictures showing how you met. Buckets of flowers add charm to the venue as well.


You can make the backyard look as elegant or as rustic as you would like. If you are saving money on a venue and want an elegant look you can spend a little more on the table linens, have more expensive flowers and maybe cover the chairs. Backyard does not have to mean rustic if that is not your style. Below are some examples of elegant backyard wedding tablescapes.


I hope you found some great ideas in this post! Would love to hear your feedback and questions!

Most of all enjoy the process. Treat it as an adventure no matter how much or little money you spend on it because in the end it is about friends, loved ones and getting hitched to the partner of your dreams!

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Thank for spending this time with me and see you next time!