Infusions, Champagne Bar and Wedding Trends.

This blog is inspired by research I have been doing for a couple  who is so much fun to work with – a planner’s true ideal client! As we are going over the details for their wedding, their signature cocktail came up. As they are having pink-ish/blush accents in their bouquets and decor they wanted to carry that through to the signature champagne
cocktails as well which had us discussing what we would have to infuse their champagne with to get that effect.

champagne bar fruitWhen you type “infusion” or “champagne bar” into Pinterest or Google you see so many choices pop up with one recipe sounding more delicious than the other! From fruit infused water (a personal favorite) to honey infused garlic and even bacon infused vodka which is one of the more unusual options I found. Alcohol infused with bacon is
apparently quite a popular choice considering the huge variety of options out there. I have had a couple champagne stationrequest something similar known as Smoky Whiskey Mule which is Candied Bacon infused Whiskey with ginger beer and their guests loved it. You can find the recipe on my Pinterest board.

A while ago I discovered an olive oil and balsamic vinegar “bar” that sells these amazing
infused olive oils such as garlic, lemon and blood orange but I found the fruit infused balsamic vinegars even more interesting especially the white balsamic infused with peachand pineapple. My first thought was how great the peach balsamic vinegar would be to macerate and roast peaches with! YUM! Then the owner said that we should try it in champagne and it was amazing! They added about an ounce to the champagne and we just could not put it down!! Needless to say I have  since used these at events to create cocktails with and it is instant LOVE with the guests! So simtequila sunriseple and so delicious!  Both the peach and pineapple infused vinegar make a great signature cocktail and just add fruit as a finishing touch. 

Speaking of signature cocktails; stations and self-help or staffed champagne or cocktail bars are very popular now and most go way beyond the usual mimosas! BUT…there will always be the die-hard OJ mimosa lovers so don’t leave out the orange juice but do add some other options. One of the most important items to have  at such a bar is fruit. I like to make little mini
fruit or berry kebabs and freeze them to make fruity ice cubes but if you really want to make your champagne cocktail pop, macerate the fruit with vodka or rum (depending on the cocktail) and then freeze them in an ice tray for a cocktail with a kick!

great gatsby champagne towerAside from the infused vinegars I discovered there are several other options to create fabulous champagne cocktails with such as St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur or Pama Pomegranate liqueur for instance and don’t forget to add corresponding juices.

For a wedding you can match your cocktail to your wedding colors with pops of yellow lemon twists, fresh green mint sprigs, or pink berry fruits or even a hibiscus flower. You could also choose a floral garnish that matches your wedding bouquet. Elderflower blossoms offers up some signature wedding drink ideas that is not only refreshingly tasty, but also quite lovely to look at.

tangerine sorbet and champagneDrinks that match the couple’s personalities and wedding colors and are always fun and great conversation starters among guests. Having a signature cocktail is a good way to minimize your liquor budget and it is quite acceptable to just serve one along with beer and wine and non-alcoholic beverages and it adds more personalization to your wedding. You can even use the champagne cocktail as an escort card (see pic below) with the little scroll hanging from the side of the glass and handed to the guests as they arrive or during cocktail hour. If like me, you are a fan of candy floss you can create a candy-floss champagne cocktail. The idea is to make it yours!

For additional effect rim the champagne glass with gold sugar or the color theme preference for the wedding. For something really colorful Tequila Sunrise cocktails are
always a crowd-pleaser and Tangerine Sorbet Champagne Floats are a hot summer event favorite as well. Then there are the classics such as Kir Royal which has crème de cassis and here you can add either cherries or cranberries or a Bellini (champagne with Peach Schnaps) Any of these cocktails would be so much fun to make at home and try different mixes and make it your own.One of my other clients had champagne jello shots at their wedding which, as you can imagine was a huge hit with the guests. These can also be served in mini shooter glasses.  The most popular and not to mention fun is to have stations where your guests can build their own.







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