East Africa or Southern, for Your First Safari Experience…

East African Safari

Deciding where you want to go first.

Find info about Southern African Safari Experiences HERE.

If you have not been on an African Safari, making the decision where to go is not that easy. There are so many options, each sounding more amazing than the last, which is why working with a safari specialist and/or knowledgeable DMC is important in that process. East and Southern Africa are very different, so I suggest making a list of your priorities. What experience do you want to have? Are you adventurous or do you want to disconnect, go for a few game drives, and lie by the pool? Do you want to have a luxe experience with brick-and-mortar lodges, swimming pools and hot tubs, or track animals on foot and sleep beneath the stars? Maybe both! Who you travel with and the purpose of the trip is of course important as is the size of the group. If traveling with family will there be young kids? Your budget and how much time you have will also be a factor and I do believe that if you are going all the way to Africa, you should spend at least ten days to two weeks to get the full experience. If you and your partner both love Africa and want to get married there, look for my post on weddings in Africa. It will be an unforgettable and mind blowing experience.

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