A Hidden Gem in Beverly Hills – Redesigned and Stunning!

Beverly Hills Marriott

Several years ago I catered a wedding at a hotel where the Marriott Beverly Hills is now, and not operated by Marriott at the time. I was not impressed by the dark uninviting interior nor the design. It felt gloomy and I never returned there for another event.

Recently I was asked by a client to find something in Beverly Hills that is also in reasonably close proximity to the Pico/Robertson area for an event. The only place that would have worked for my client was this same hotel so with some trepidation, I stopped in to meet with the event staff and was totally blown away! No more dark uninviting interior but a stunningly beautiful lobby and bar area! There is an outdoor patio where a parking area used to be and it has a gorgeous fireplace and fountain. Everything has changed completely!

marriott BH event pic 2

bev hills marriott guest roomLove the beautiful bedrooms with this gorgeous view.

This hotel is especially popular with the Jewish community as it is close to the Pico/Robertson area and Synagogues. Whenever there are celebrations in the local Synagogues, there are more often than not family from out of town visiting who needs accommodations within walking distance. Not only is this superb space within walking distance of all the local Synagogues, they are also “Shabbat friendly” for lack of a better term. The rooms on two floors can be keyed open and they are the first two floors so elevators can be avoided. They even light Shabbat candles every Friday night.

BH MarriottIt is absolutely not just about the accommodation however; imagine how beautiful this outdoor area would be for your wedding, birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or any celebration, and of course corporate events.  Don’t forget summer pool parties which can actually happen almost all year round in sunny Los Angeles. There are also beautiful boardrooms for corporate or social events of course, but being an outdoors person, this was where my focus was when I visited.

This beautiful hotel had undergone a complete transformation a few years ago and it is really one of the nicest in the area. It is well run, the event staff, led by the fabulous director Margo Epstein is courteous and efficient. In fact I have not met anyone who isn’t friendly and helpful. Oh – and the food is so good!

If you are looking for a venue for your wedding, social or corporate event or just to hang out and enjoy a beautiful day, this is the place you need to be.

Thank you for spending some time with us! More next time on exceptional venues, food and wines or your events and event planning tips. See you around the pool for our next event!

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